Bravo pH Capsule

Bravo® pH monitoring is a wireless capsule-based test for evaluating acid reflux.  Information is collected over 48 - 96 hours (2 - 4 days) to determine the frequency and duration of reflux events.

By using a miniature pH capsule attached temporarily to the oesophagus, pH levels are measured and wirelessly transmitted to a small recorder worn on a shoulder strap.  The capsule detaches from the oesophagus with time and is passed in the stool.

This procedure involves placement of the capsule during a planned gastroscopy.

Patients with a narrowing or severe irritation of the oesophagus, an unknown obstruction, a pacemaker, or an implantable cardiac defibrillator, should not undergo a Bravo pH study.

Patients please note: The Bravo® capsule contains a small magnet; therefore you must wait at least 30 days before undergoing a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examination or be near a MRI or similarly high powered magnetic device.


To ensure a successful test, please follow all instructions carefully.  Failure to accurately and completely prepare for your procedure may result in the need to repeat the test.

At least one week prior to procedure:

Ensure Cabrini admission paperwork and consent forms are completed and returned to DPC.

7 days prior to procedure:

  • Several medications alter the pH level of the stomach (by blocking acids) and must be discontinued, unless otherwise instructed; all other usual medications may be continued.
    • Losec® (Omeprazole)
    • Pariet® (Rabeprazole)
    • Somac® (Pantoprazole)
    • Nexium® (Esompeprazole)
    • Zoton® (Lansoprazole)
    • Zantac® (Ranitidine)
    • Pepcidine® (Famotidine)
    • Tazac® (Nizatidine)

24 hours prior to procedure:

  • Stop taking all ‘over-the-counter’ antacids (eg. Gaviscon, Mylanta®, QuickEze, Tums®)

Day of the procedure:

  • Please fast - nothing to eat or drink on the morning of your appointment.